WannaCry Detection

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Detect and report on the WannaCry vulnerability

We provide you with the tools needed to do this quickly. Just import the WannaCry and Shadow Brokers Option Profile and Search List from our Library to identify vulnerabilities leveraged by WannaCry, EternalBlue, and other Shadow Brokers exploits.

Import the Option Profile and Scan

Start a new vulnerability scan and choose the WannaCry and Shadow Brokers option profile from the drop-down. The option profile and corresponding search list will be imported and ready for use. You can also make them globally available to the rest of the subscription.

Launch Vulnerability Scan window with WannaCry and Shadow Brokers option profile selected to import

Optionally, import the option profile by going to Scans > Option Profiles > New > Import from Library.

Import Option Profiles from Library window

Import the Search List

Once imported to your account you can use this search list in your own custom option profiles and add it to scan report templates in order to report on WannaCry and related vulnerabilities.

Go to VM/VMDR > Scans > Search Lists > New > Import from Library.

Import Search Lists from Library window