Edit Domain

By launching a map on a domain in your account, the service tells you what your network looks like and gives you a mapping of your devices. Once a domain is added to your account you can add or change the IP address netblocks and approved hosts for the domain.

Go to VM/VMDR > Assets > Domains. Identify the domain you want to edit, select Info from the Quick Actions menu and then click Edit in the Domain Information window.

Edit Associated Netblocks

Netblocks consist of IPs and IP ranges included in a domain specification to expand the scope of the discovery process beyond the domain. Netblocks may be edited by Managers only.

Tell me about the Whois option

Update your asset groups

Update your scheduled maps

Edit Approved Hosts

Each domain may include one approved hosts list. When defined, approved hosts are identified in all map reports. Users can also run the Unknown Device Report to compare saved map results to the approved hosts list in order to identify rogue devices. Learn more