Tell me about the None domain

The None domain is a special domain that allows users to map IPs/ranges directly without associating the IPs with a registered domain name.

How to define the None domain

Each account may include one None domain with one or more netblocks (IPs and IP ranges). Go to your domain assets list (Assets > Domains) to determine whether the None domain has already been defined for your account. If the None domain is not listed, go to New > Domains to add it at this time.

Add the None domain using this format:


For example, you might enter the following:


Make sure the None domain includes all IPs you want to map. Simply edit the None domain whenever you need to add more IPs.

Tell me about adding the None domain to asset groups

How to launch maps using the None domain

The following methods are used to map IPs/ranges using the special None domain.

Map IPs defined in the None domain

Map an asset group with the None domain

Map IPs in an asset group (temporary None domain)

How to report on the None domain

When you generate a map report, you first select the domain you want to report on and then 1 or 2 saved maps for that domain to include in the report.

To report on mapped IPs/ranges, select "No Domain" from the Domain drop-down menu.

The list of saved results to choose from may include: 1) maps produced on the user-defined None domain and 2) maps produced on the temporary None domain (IPs from asset groups). The map target in both cases appears in this format: none:[netblock1, netblock2, ...]

When the None domain is defined in your account

When the None domain is not defined in your account