Your VM/VMDR Dashboard

For subscriptions upgraded to VMDR

When your account is upgraded to VMDR, click the Dashboard option on the top menu and you’ll get the new VMDR Dashboard. This replaces the Classic UI Dashboard in VM.

Want to go back to the Classic UI? No problem. Simply click the “Go back to Classic UI” link and you’ll get your old dashboard back. This option is only available for accounts that were upgraded from VM to VMDR, not new accounts.

VMDR Dashboard


For subscriptions without VMDR

Go to VM > Dashboard. You'll see the classic VM dashboard with a summary of your overall security posture based on the most recent vulnerability scan results.

Classic VM Dashboard

How do I configure the dashboard?

Click the Configure link to select the vulnerabilities and potential vulnerabilities you’re interested in. (Note that disabled and ignored vulnerabilities are not included in your dashboard.)

How often is the dashboard updated?

It's updated automatically as new scan results become available. You might want to start a scan from here (if you have scanning permissions). This is a convenient way to get the latest vulnerability data in your dashboard view.

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