How to Scan ESXi hosts on vCenter

We support scans on your ESXi hosts through vCenter.


- This feature is supported in Qualys 8.14 and beyond. If you are running on a private cloud platform (PCP), please make sure that your Qualys Cloud Platform is updated to version 8.14 or later.

- An account setup to access vCenter with the proper credentials.

- A list of the vCenter IPs.


Here's a quick look at the steps you'll need to complete.

1) Set up Qualys to map using vCenter. Request vCenter credentials and IP addresses from your VMware administrator.

2) Create a vCenter authentication record. Enter vCenter credentials and vCenter IP addresses.

3) Gather vCenter map data: a) Launch a map in VM using vCenter authentication, or b) Upload a map from your VMware administrator.

4) Register and organize vCenter and ESXi assets. Add the assets to your account and organize them into asset groups.

5) Create a VMware authentication record. Select the "Use vCenter" option in the record and enter ESXi IP addresses.

6) View and confirm vCenter and ESXi mapping data.

7) Launch a scan on your ESXi hosts through vCenter.


Step-by-Step Tutorial

Our user guide will walk you through all the steps.

Download the user guide >>