Using Sudo for root delegation

You can choose the Sudo root delegation tool when configuring a Unix authentication record. Just configure the file /etc/sudoers to allow the user account provided in the Unix authentication record to execute commands with root access on the hosts to be scanned.


What credentials should I use?

How does root delegation work?

Do I need to get Sudo?

How do I configure the "sudoers" file?

In the example below, "scanuser" is the account user name you supply in the Unix authentication record:

# Cmnd alias specification

Cmnd_Alias SU=/bin/su

# User privilege specification

root ALL=(ALL) ALL

scanuser ALL=SU


Using the NOPASSWD option

Keep in mind if NOPASSWD option is Not Enabled (in your sudoers file), then you must include the password in the Unix authentication record login credentials section.

Still have questions?

Please refer to your sudoers documentation for information on proper configuration.