Generic Linux Target Type

In the Unix authentication record, we provide a target type option called "Generic Linux". Select this option to perform compliance assessments on Linux OS technologies that are not yet supported by Qualys Policy Compliance (PC). 

This option gives users the ability to scan target hosts with unsupported PC Linux OS technologies. When we later add support for a Linux OS technology, you'll want to edit the authentication record to remove the Generic Linux target type selection. 

Please note that we only recommend using the Generic Linux target type if the Linux technology is not already supported. For example, you can use it for Scientific Linux, NixOS, Deepin, Lunar Linux, VyOS and others.

What are the benefits?

This new technology enables users to perform a compliance assessment on any new Linux/Unix OS technology that is not widely used and has cutomer specific use cases.

Whenever any new flavor of Unix OS is released and is not yet supported by Qualys PC, you'll be able to use the Generic Linux technology to report for compliance.

What user account privileges are needed?

Root privileges are required for successful compliance scans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which controls are supported for Generic Linux?

Controls for the Generic Linux technology are limited to checks related to basic Unix/Linux OS settings and Access Control requirements.  

What if I select Generic Linux but my target host has a supported technology?

If you select Generic Linux in the authentication record for a target that has a supported technology like RHEL, Ubuntu or CentOS, then we will report compliance data only for the policy controls related to the supported technology on the target.

Is Generic Linux supported by agents?

No. The Generic Linux technology is only supported by scanners.