Deactivate User



Deactivate a user account in the API user's subscription. This API does not support session based authentication.

Permissions - Managers can deactivate any user account that has an “Active” status. Administrators can deactivate user account (except Manager and Administrator) that has an “Active” status. Unit Managers can deactivate a user account which is in the user’s business unit and which has an “Active” status.

Input Parameters




(Required) Specify “deactivate” to deactivate a user account that has an “Active” status. When an account is deactivated, the user’s account settings will not be deleted. A user account cannot be dectivated if the account status is “Pending Activation”.


(Required) The Qualys user login for the user account you want to deactivate.

Sample - Deactivate user

API request


<platform API server>/user_output.dtd