Activate User



Activate a user account in the API user's subscription. Note new accounts are activated by default after the user completes the account activation process (registration) by logging into the service for the first time. This API does not support session based authentication.

Permissions - Managers can activate any user account that has an “Inactive” status. Administrators can activate user account (except Manager and Administrator) that has an “Inactive” status. Unit Managers can activate a user account which is in the user’s business unit and which has an “Inactive” status.

Input Parameters




(Required) Specify “activate” to activate a user account that has an “Inactive” status. A user account cannot be activated if the account status is “Pending Activation”.


(Required) The Qualys user login for the user account you want to activate.

Sample - Activate user

API request


<platform API server>/user_output.dtd