Add user



Add a user account to the API user's subscription. This API does not support session based authentication.

User registration - Click here for registration process

Permissions - Click here for user related permissions

Input Parameters






(Optional) A flag that indicates whether the new user will receive an email notification with a secure link to their login credentials. This parameter is invalid when the user role is Contact.

1 - When unspecified or set to 1, an email notification will be sent to the new user. The user clicks a secure link in the email to view the login ID and password.

0 - When set to 0 an email notification will not be sent to the new user, and the XML report returned by the function will include the login ID and password for the user account as XML value pairs.


(Some parameters are required) Click here for listing of user parameters

Sample - Add user

API request[email protected]&address1=500+Charles_Avenue&address2=Suite+1260&city=New+York&country=United+States+of+America&state=New+York&zip_code=10004

XML output

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>



  <API name="user.php" username="sabkl_av1" at="2018-07-20T22:54:25Z" />

  <RETURN status="SUCCESS">

    <MESSAGE>quays_cw4 user has been successfully created.</MESSAGE>




<platform API server>/user_output.dtd