List saved map reports



List map reports saved in the user’s account. Each entry in the map report list identifies a saved map report for a specific domain. There is a separate saved map report for each domain in the map target.

Basic HTTP authentication is required. Session based authentication is not supported using this API.

Permissions - Managers can view all saved map reports in the subscription. Unit Managers can view saved map reports for domains in user’s business unit. Scanners and Readers can view saved map reports for domains in user’s account.

Input Parameters




(Optional) Used to retrieve information only about the last saved map report. A valid value is “yes” to retrieve the last saved map report, or “no” (the default) to retrieve all map reports.


(Optional) Used to receive a list of all saved map reports for the specified target domain. If both parameters domain={target} and last=yes are specified, you will receive information about the last saved map for the target domain.

Sample - List all saved maps

API request

Sample - List last saved map for certain domain

API request



<platform API server>/map_report_list.dtd