Add/Edit domain



Add and edit domains and related netblocks in the subscription. The domains defined may be used as targets for network scans (maps).

Basic HTTP authentication is required. Session based authentication is not supported using this API.

Permissions - Manager user role is required.

Input Parameters



action={add | edit}



(Required) Specifies the domain name to add or edit. Include the domain name only; do not enter “www.” at the start of the domain name.


(Optional for add request, and Required for an edit request)

Specifies the netblock(s) associated with the domain name. Multiple netblocks are comma separated. Looking for more help? Search for none domain or netblock in online help (log in to your account and go to Help > Online Help).

For an edit request, it’s not possible to add or remove netblocks for a domain. To clear associated netblocks for an existing domain, specify netblock=

Sample - Add domain

API request

Sample - Edit domain

API request,


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