WAB vault target name

The target_name parameter is used when providing Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) vault parameters in an authentication record.

Using variables in the target name

You can use one or more variables when defining the target name in order to match several targets that use the same naming convention.

${ip} // The IP address of the target, i.e.

${ip_dash} // The IP address of the target with dashes instead of dots, i.e. 10-20-30-40.

${dnshost} // The DNS host name of the target, i.e. host.domain.

${host} // The host name of the target, i.e. host before .domain.

${nbhost} // (Windows only) The NetBIOS name of the target in upper-case, i.e. HOST_ABC.

Sample target names

Let’s say you have these 6 devices in WAB:




You’ll need to create 4 records with the following target names where the user is “qualys_scan” and the local_WABdomain is “local”:

Record 1: qualys_scan@local@CentOS6

Record 2: qualys_scan@local@${ip} (matches, and

Record 3: qualys_scan@local@10-20-32-201 -or- qualys_scan@local@${ip_dash}

Record 4: qualys_scan@local@10-20-31-112_win81-x86.prod.qualys.com -or- qualys_scan@local@${ip_dash}_${dnshost}