Oracle Listener record



Create, update, list and delete Oracle Listener records for authenticated scans of Oracle Listener databases. Vulnerability scans are supported (using VM).

Oracle Listener records are used to connect to Oracle TNS Listeners in order to enumerate information about databases behind the Oracle Listeners. When authentication is successful and databases behind the Listener are discovered, the QID 19225 "Retrieved Oracle Database Name" is returned in the scan results. This is an information gathered check that lists the names of the databases discovered behind the Listener. This information is useful if you want to create Oracle authentication records on those databases and need the Oracle System IDs (SIDs).

Input Parameters




(Required) Specify create, update, delete (using POST) or list (using GET or POST). See List Auth Records for type


(Optional) Specify 1 to view (echo) input parameters in the XML output. By default these are not included.


(Required to update or delete record) Record IDs to update/delete. Specify record IDs and/or ID ranges (for example, 1359-1407). Multiple entries are comma separated.


(Required to create record) A title for the record. The title must be unique. Maximum 255 characters (ascii).


(Optional to create or update record) User defined comments. Maximum of 1999 characters.


(Required to create record, optional to update record) Specifies a password for authentication to target hosts. If more than one Listener is detected on the same host, then the same password is attempted on each Listener. Maximum 100 characters (ascii).

Target Hosts



(Required to create record) The IP address(es) the server will log into using the record’s credentials. Multiple entries are comma separated.

(Optional to update record) IPs specified will overwrite existing IPs in the record, and existing IPs will be removed.

This parameter and the add_ips parameter or the remove_ips parameter cannot be specified in the same request.


(Optional to update record) Add IPs and/or ranges to the IPs list for this record. Multiple IPs/ranges are comma separated.

This parameter and the ips parameter cannot be specified in the same request.


(Optional to update record) IPs to be removed from your record. You may enter a combination of IPs and ranges. Multiple entries are comma separated.

This parameter and the ips parameter cannot be specified in the same request.


(Optional to create or update record, and valid when the networks feature is enabled) The network ID for the record.


DTDs for auth type "oracle_listener"

<platform API server>/api/2.0/batch_return.dtd

<platform API server>/api/2.0/fo/auth/oracle_listener/ auth_oracle_listener_list_output.dtd