List tickets


View a list of selected tickets which the API user has permission to access.  

Truncation - A maximum of 1,000 tickets can be returned from a single request. If this maximum is reached, the function returns a “Truncated after 1,000 records” message at the end of the XML output with the last ticket number included. Using an account with more than 1,000 tickets (or potentially more than 1,000 tickets), it is recommended that you write a script that makes multiple ticket_list.php requests until all tickets have been retrieved.

Permissions - Managers can view tickets for all IPs in the subscription, Unit Managers view tickets for all IPs in their own business unit, Scanners and Readers can view tickets for IPs in their own account.

Input Parameters

Click here to view ticket selection parameters. At least one ticket selection parameter must be specified.

The following additional parameter is available for ticket list.




(Optional) Set to 1 to include vulnerability details (threat, impact, solution, results) in the ticket list. Vulnerability details are not included by default.


Sample - list open tickets assigned to user

API request

Sample - list tickets for severity 5 vulnerabilities

API request

Sample - list all ignored vulnerabilities

API request

Sample - list all tickets filtered by specific host_id and show_host_id

API request



<platform API server>/ticket_list_output.dtd