Delete tickets


Delete selected tickets in the subscription.   

Ticket limit - A maximum of 20,000 tickets can be deleted in one ticket_delete.php request. It’s recommended best practice that you choose to schedule batch updates to occur when ticket processing will least impact user productivity. If the ticket_delete.php request identifies more than 20,000 tickets to be edited, then an error is returned.

Permissions - Managers can delete tickets for all IPs in the subscription, Unit Managers can delete tickets for IPs in their own business unit, Scanners and Readers do not have permission to delete tickets.

Input Parameters

Click here to view ticket selection parameters. At least one ticket selection parameter must be specified.

Sample - delete single ticket

API request

Sample - delete range of tickets

API request

Sample - delete overdue tickets for user not modified since date

API request



<platform API server>/ticket_delete_output.dtd