Overview - List Compliance Posture Info

The "Compliance Posture Info" API v2 (the resource /api/2.0/fo/compliance/posture/info/?action=list) is used to view current compliance posture data (info records) for hosts within the user’s account. Optional input parameters support filtering the posture info record output.

Each compliance posture info record in the output includes: compliance posture ID, host ID, control ID, instance, compliance status, and exception (if exception has been created).

The user has the ability to select the amount of information to include in the posture information output using the details parameter. By default, basic posture information is included: the posture ID, host ID, control ID, technology ID, technology instance (when applicable), and the compliance status. If an exception has been created, this full exception information is also included: the exception assignee and status, the date/time when the exception was created, when it was last modified, the user who took these actions on the exception, and the date when the exception is set to expire. A glossary of compliance posture information identifies: basic host information and basic control information.

By default, the posture information output shows posture information for all hosts (IP addresses) in asset groups assigned to the selected policy, provided the user has permission to view the hosts themselves. If you have a sub-account like a Unit Manager, Scanner or Reader, the posture information output only includes hosts that the account has permission to see.

Best Practices

You can reduce the amount of data being retrieved by only pulling the data that is required for the downstream processes. For example, only download the delta of the changes in posture since the last pull. This can be done using optional input parameters which allow you to set filters to restrict the posture information output to postures info records with certain IP addresses, host IDs, compliance control IDs, compliance posture IDs, posture info records with changes in status since a specified date, and posture info records with a certain compliance status (Passed, Failed or Error).