List policies



View a list of compliance policies visible to the user. By default, the compliance policy list output shows all compliance policies in the subscription. Optional input parameters allow you to set filters to restrict the policy list output to policies with certain compliance policy IDs.

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Input Parameters






(Optional) Specify 1 to view (echo) input parameters in the XML output. By default these are not included.


(Optional) Show the requested amount of host information for each host. A valid value is:

Basic - (default) Includes all policy details except technology list for each control, IP list for each asset group, and a user list

All - includes all policy details

None - includes policy ID and title


(Optional) Show only certain policy IDs/ranges. One or more policy IDs/ranges may be specified. Valid host IDs are required. Multiple entries are comma separated. A policy ID range is specified with a hyphen (for example, 160-165).


(Optional) Show only policies which have a minimum policy ID value. A valid policy ID is required.


(Optional) Show only policies which have a maximum policy ID value. A valid policy ID is required.

updated_after_datetime= {value}

(Optional) Show only controls updated after a certain date/time. See Date Filters.

created_after_datetime= {value}

(Optional) Show only controls created after a certain date/time. See Date Filters.


Date Filter

The date/time is specified in YYYY-MM-DD{THH:MM:SSZ] format (UTC/GMT), like ā€œ2010-03-01ā€ or ā€œ2010-03-01T23:12:00Zā€

If you specify a date but no time as for example 2010-03-01, then the service automatically sets the time to 2010-03-01T00:00:00Z (the start of the day).

When date filters are specified using both input parameters for a single API request, both date filters are satisfied (ANDed).

Sample - List policies, all details

API request

XML output








        <TITLE><![CDATA[XP policy]]></TITLE>
























            <STATEMENT><![CDATA[Status of the 'Clipbook' service (startup type)]]></STATEMENT>








            <STATEMENT><![CDATA[Status of the 'Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile' setting]]></STATEMENT>













          <TITLE><![CDATA[Windows XP]]></TITLE>






          <TAG_NAME>windows XP</TAG_NAME>







<platform API server>/api/2.0/fo/compliance/policy/policy_list_output.dtd