Compliance Posture Information

The Policy Compliance APIs help you gain the essential insight into the compliance posture of the hosts within your account. Qualys PC provides you with the following two types of APIs to fetch posture data:

- PC Posture Information APIs

- PC Posture Streaming APIs

Depending on the size of your posture data, you may choose to use the PC Posture Information APIs or the PC Posture Streaming APIs.

We recommend that you leverage the Posture Streaming APIs if you want to download more than 1 million postures, as they provide you a faster way to retrieve larger amount of posture information. The Posture Streaming APIs also has the ability to filter data based on the desired input entered by the user. If your posture information is expected to be less than 1 million, use the PC Posture Information APIs.

Refer the following KB article for recommendations on retrieving compliance posture information:

Compliance Posture Data Retrieval Best Practices

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