Start scanning your web applications

Scan your web applications and understand your security risk. By automating your scans you'll get security intelligence in real time.

A few things to consider...

Have you thought about the scanning options you should use? We can help you sort this out quickly - review the basics for some ideas.

I'm ready to start my scan. What are the steps?

Go to Scans > New Scan, and tell us:

- what type of scan to run (we recommend you run a Discovery Scan first and then a Vulnerability Scan),

- which web application(s) to scan, and

- which scan options to use.

I started my scan. What's next?

Scan Progress

Scan Status

Scan Results

Scan Statistics

Schedule your scans

Schedule your scans to run automatically and you'll get results on a regular basis. Learn more

Do you want to create reports on your scans?

Launch a scan report on any number of scans that target the same web application. Once the report is created, you can edit the settings and filter the content. Learn more


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Tip We'll automatically run a malware scan every day if you select this option for an external web site.

Did you know? The filters to the left of your scans list allow you to filter scans by web application, scan type, status and more.