Why I am unable to access WAS module?

You need sufficient privileges to access the WAS module. Non-Manager users (Scanners, Readers, Unit Managers) must be granted permission to access the WAS application and the web applications in the subscription. A Manager (or user with the Edit User permission) can configure roles for the users using the Administration utility.

Follow the steps given here to assign roles to the user.


This procedure must be performed by user with Manager role.

1) Log in to Qualys using your account credentials.

2) From the module picker, select Administration module.

3) From the User Management tab, select the user who is facing the issue and from the Quick Actions menu, select Edit.

4) Go to the Roles and Scopes tab and select appropriate WAS Role & Scope for the user as per the requirement. See "Manage User Roles" topic in the Qualys Administration Utility Online help.

If you want to give access to a web application in your subscription, go to the Edit section and click Select to add the web application tag to the user's scope.  

5) Click Save and request the user to log in again.