Healthcheck profile settings

This wizard lets you create a healthcheck to monitor application server availability.

Want to create a new healthcheck profile? Go to Web Applications > Healthchecks and click the New Healthcheck button.

Name of the healthcheck

Enter the name and description for the healthcheck profile. Initially the user who creates the healthcheck is the owner. When editing a healthcheck, you can choose another owner.


Select tags to apply to the healthcheck profile. Users with the applied tags in their scope will have access to it. Click Create to add a new tag.

Transaction Details

Specify the method to test the availability of the application, the URL path to be checked, and the response code returned for success.

Intervals and occurrences

Healthcheck status is derived from a combination of various parameters (Intervals and occurrences).

As per the default settings, a healthcheck request is sent every 15 seconds when the server is up. The healthcheck passes if it receives the expected response code. After 3 consecutive failures, the server is set to inactive.

Similarly, a healthcheck request is sent every 5 seconds when the server is down (inactive). After 3 consecutive successes, the server is set to active.

A healthcheck request is sent every 10 seconds if the server is flapping (alternates between up and down).

A healthcheck request will timeout if it does not receive response within 15 seconds. In this case the healthcheck is marked as failed.