WAF Cluster settings

Want to add a new WAF cluster? Go to WAF Appliances > WAF Clusters and click the New WAF Cluster button.

Basic Information

Enter a name for the WAF cluster. Initially the user who adds the cluster is the owner. When editing a cluster, you can choose another owner.

Apply tags to the cluster

Select from tags available in your account and save your cluster. Then you can grant users access to the cluster - just go to the Administration utility and edit user settings. Users with one or more of the applied tags in their scopes will have access to the cluster.

Error Response

If you select Redirect from the Action dropdown, you can choose a "permanent" redirection code (HTTP status code 301) or "temporary" redirection (HTTP status code 302) and specify the full URL where web client needs to be redirected. Requests will be blocked unless you enter a redirect URL, and the status code selection will be disabled unless the URL is valid.

Want to turn off a redirect? Just remove the URL in the Redirect URL field.

You can select Block from the Action dropdown to display the default WAF error page.

You can choose to display a custom response page whenever a request cannot be routed to your origin server. If you wish to use custom response, select Custom Response from Action, and then select a custom response page that you have created. Click Edit to modify the selected custom response page, or click Create to add a new custom response page.

X-Forwarded-For Trusted Proxies

Provide the IP address/range/network of trusted origin proxies or load balancers configured in full-proxy mode.

Enter an IP address between - excluding 127.x.x.x. Optionally, you can provide a range for the IP address between 1 - 32.

For example,

If the request is not from a trusted source the X-Forwarded-For header values are automatically discarded.

If you do not provide IP addresses for trusted origin proxies or load balancers, then IP addresses as per RFC1918 are trusted.

Schedule Appliance Updates

Choose when the appliances registered with this cluster get auto-updated. Select days of the week and the start time. By default, auto-update is enabled for all days of the week.

Freeze period

Choose to freeze auto-updates until a specific date. Auto-updates are stopped from today up to the end date.