Viewing Threat Feed List

You can view the threat feed list right from VMDR module. Simply go to Prioritization > Threat Feed. The Thread Feed tab shows the High Rated Feeds, Medium/Low Rated Feed, and thread feeds marked as favorite by you.

You can also search for feeds based on categories, content, or published date. Use the search tokens to filter the threat feeds. For example, contents: "google".

Threat Feed

You can also save your search query and also view the recent strings that you have searched. If you have saved search in Threat Protection, the same feed is show on the Thread Feed tab.

Search Query

You can also filter the threat feeds using the Asset tags.

Asset Tags

The threat feed card shows the following details:

- The threat severity

- Blog title and content preview

- Published Date

- Threat category

- Impacted asset count

Threat Feed Card