Step by Step Search Tutorial

Use your queries to create dashboard widgets on the Dashboards tab. For example, you can find all about your discovered assets and vulnerabilities and get up to date information quickly using Qualys Advanced Search.

You'll notice the Search field in widget builder when you create a widget or update and existing widget. This is where you'll enter your search query.

Let us consider an example of Vulnerability Management application. On the dashboard, click the Add Widget button. Select Vulnerability Management from the left pane and click Create widget.

Search Query bar in the widet creation or editing wizard.

Start typing in the Search field and we'll show you the properties you can search such as vulnerability severity, detection age,, etc. Select the one you're interested in.

Auto-populated search query options depending on the text you type.

Click the + sign for a combined Vulnerability and Asset search.

Auto-populated search query options for assets.

Start typing and we'll show you the asset properties you can search like agentId, agent version, etc. Select the one you're interested in.

Now enter the value you want to match, and press Enter. That's it! Your matches will appear in your assets list.