Qualys Query Language (QQL)

You use Qualys Query Language (QQL) for building search queries to fetch information from Qualys databases. A database query is a string of search attributes (we call them search tokens) structured in the compatible syntax, which returns the targeted values. In QQL, you pick the search tokens from our token repository, use a query operator, and specify the expected token values. Our robust search mechanism helps you find the relevant information about various aspects of your IT infrastructure in the context of your Qualys subscription.

Here are some of the places on the Qualys Cloud Platform  from where you can create QQL queries:

Here are some example use-cases for which you can create QQL queries:

You can achieve all this by using QQL queries. The various QQL search tokens serve like building blocks to creating queries. You can use at least one search token to create a simple query or use various combinations of tokens to form complex queries. No matter how simple or complex your search query is, you must know the QQL syntax and the best practices for a seamless search experience.

See Qualys Query Language Syntax

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