Dashboard Permissions

You can assign permissions to users of all the modules that have Unified Dashboard (UD) integrated with it. The Dashboard permissions in the Admin utility allow you to assign or remove dashboard permissions for all the modules simultaneously.

You can assign the following permissions:

- Create, edit, and delete own dashboards

- Edit dashboards created by other users

- Delete dashboards created by other users

- Print or download dashboards as reports

Note: The Dashboard permissions in GLOBAL section have a higher precedence over module-specific dashboard permissions (only for modules where UD is integrated) and hence it overrides the module-specific dashboard permissions.

For example, if Patch Management has only view dashboard permissions assigned to a role. And if you assign all permissions available in GLOBAL section to the same role, users will be assigned permissions as per those defined in GLOBAL section.

For detailed information on Dashboard permissions, refer to online help of Admin utility.