Report Settings

It's easy to create reports and get up-to-date views on responses.

Choose report type

Choose report type

Define settings for a single instance report

Choose a questionnaire instance

Click to choose the questionnaire instance you want to report on. This is one user's instance of a questionnaire. Click Preview to choose your options.


Enter a name for your report and expand the drop-down to choose the format you want to use for downloading. Use the check boxes to filter report content. All options are selected by default. Clear check boxes to omit content from the report.

Define settings for an aggregate template report

Choose a template

Choose the template from the drop-down. You can report on multiple questionnaires launched from the selected template..

Filter questionnaires with tags

Choose tags to filter questionnaires included in the report. Only questionnaires with matching tags will be included in the report.

Filter questionnaires with attributes

Select a questionnaire state - Information Gathering, Review, etc. Use the date picker to filter instances by due, updated and/or created date. Select users to filter instances by assigned user. Select Has Attachments to include only instances with attachments.


You can check out the tutorial about Dashboard and Reporting: