Launch Campaign

Start the campaign to send out questionnaires and start getting responses, or schedule it for later.

Campaign is ready to launch

- After a campaign is created it is in inactive state. Click Launch to start the campaign.

- We'll send all the invited users an email with a secure link to the questionnaire based on your template. You can edit the email to customize email text and subject. To add your company logo to your email, contact Qualys support.

- Each user is assigned a unique instance of the questionnaire that you'll see on the Questionnaires tab.

- You can assign tags to each questionnaire to help you organize your campaign. Go to View Summary from the Quick Actions menu of the desired questionnaire and assign the tag. Here you can only assign tags available to you. You can create new tags from the Users tab.

- You can monitor response activity on your Campaign dashboard in real time, as responses are submitted.

- After responses are submitted you can view the risk rating of each questionnaire.

Things to know

1) When is my campaign marked complete?

Your campaign status is Active once it's launched. It remains Active during information gathering stage (while users answer questions) and during the review and approval stage. The status is Complete once all questions are answered, by invited users or people they assign them to, and all the questionnaires are reviewed and approved. You can also choose to mark a campaign complete before responses for all questionnaires are submitted.

2) Can I launch a campaign again?

You can relaunch a campaign only after it is in complete state. Click Launch Again from Quick Actions menu and edit the required campaign settings. By default the template and workflow stay the same as the earlier campaign.

3) I want to cancel my campaign

Just choose the campaign and select the Cancel option from the Quick Actions menu. The campaign status changes to Canceled and all questionnaires will be read only.