Upload Site Details from a CSV File

You have the option to upload sites from a CSV file. This is a quick way to add several sites at once. Go to Assets > Sites and click Add Site. In the Site Creation Wizard, select the check box "I have a CSV file to upload". Browse to your CSV file and click Continue.

A confirmation page appears listing the sites from your file. If any row has an error, such as a missing required value or invalid URL, an error message will appear in-line. Correct the errors and then upload your file again. Note that only valid sites will be added to your account.

What are the CSV file requirements

The CSV file with your list of sites must follow these guidelines:

1) The CSV file may include any number of rows. Each row has details for a single site to add.

2) The CSV file must have 4 columns with the following details, in the following order:

- Column A: Enter a valid URL for your site. The URL must include http:// or https://.

- Column B: Enter name of your site.

- Column C: Enter the maximum pages to scan. Go to Account Information to see the maximum pages allowed for your account. If you do not enter a value in this column then 250 will be used. Learn more

- Column D: Enter the scan intensity value: Low, Medium or High. These are the only valid values for scan intensity.

3) The CSV file may include a 5th optional column for assigning tags.

- Column E: (optional) Enter tags separated by a comma. A maximum of 5 tags is supported per site. Any specified tag that is not yet defined in your account will be created and assigned to the new site.


In the example below, 3 sites will be added to the account. The last site will default to 250 maximum pages to scan because a value wasn't specified.







My First Site



tag1, tag2, tag3


My Admin Site



tag1, tag2, tag3


My Corp Site



tag1, tag2, tag3