User Roles FAQ

Tell me about roles for new users

When you create a new user in the VM/VMDR application, you assign a role to that user, and the same role is automatically assigned to the user for certain applications within our Cloud Security Platform - like AV, WAS, WAF, MD, CM, etc. Learn more

How do I create a WAS manager with no permissions in the VM/VMDR application?

Follow these steps: 1) Go to the VM/VMDR application, create a user, assign the Scanner role and do not assign any assets, and 2) Go to the Administration utility, edit the user, remove the Scanner role and add the WAS Manager role.

How do I assign a user API access so the user can use the WAS API?

Edit the user in the Administration utility, and assign a role that has the permission API Access in the Access Permissions group. You can create a new role and assign it this permission. Another option is to edit the permissions of an existing role. Note by editing permissions of an existing role, you change the permissions for all users assigned this role.