Job Level Statuses List

Here is the list of statuses and their descriptions that you may see after a job is triggered on the Jobs tab.



Partially Configured

This status means the job is created by a security user and the job only has patches added to it. Status is updated when assets are added and a schedule is created for the job. This is similar to the Disabled state, rather an earlier stage by virtue of missing details for execution.


This status means the patch deployment job is in an inactive state that is you can edit the job but the job will not be executed till it is in the Enabled state.



This status means the patch deployment job is created and scheduled to be executed. This means you can edit only recurring jobs that are in the enabled state. The Run Once jobs in this state are either executing or awaiting the scheduled time for execution.



This status means the patch job definition file creation is in progress. The job will start executing after the job definition file is sent to all assets that are a part of the job.


The job definition file is now available to download for all the assets that are part of job.


This status means the patch deployment job is in progress.



This status means that the patch deployment job is completed on some or all assets. The percentage denotes the completed percent. It includes Completed, TimeOut, Cancelled, Not Applicable, and Not Licensed assets.