Scheduling Patch Tuesday Jobs

A few software companies release security and non-security patches for Windows assets every second Tuesday of a month. You can set a recurring job to ensure these patches are installed automatically. Patch Management automatically deploys the patches released on Patch Tuesday based on the schedule you set. We recommend that you create a query to install the patches released on Patch Tuesdays. For more information, see Using QQL to Automate Patch Selection for Windows Assets.

Note the following important points:

- Patch Tuesday schedule is only available for Windows deployment jobs.

- The job type must be recurring, and the repetition must be set as Monthly.

- You can set the schedule as Patch Tuesday +1 to +27 days.

- The patches are published by the end of Tuesday, Hawaii Standard Time. We recommend setting the job schedule after Patch Tuesday + 1 day (Wednesday after Patch Tuesday) noon UTC time zone to ensure that all new Patch Tuesday patches are available to install.

To schedule a job for Patch Tuesday, create a Windows deployment job and set the schedule as Patch Tuesday:

Patch Tuesday

Managing Patch Jobs for Windows Assets