Clone a Job

We support cloning a patch job so that  you do not have to create a new job from scratch. The Clone Job option enables you to create a new job quickly using an existing job. Creating a job in less time means you can promptly patch your mission critical assets to mitigate the vulnerabilities. This helps you reduce the time to mitigate the vulnerabilities on your mission critical assets. Cloning a job is very simple. From the Jobs tab, select a job with configurations that you want to have for the new patch job and then use the Clone option to create an exact copy of the job. When you clone a job, we will copy the assets, patches, schedule and options information as it is to the new job. To uniquely identify the job, we only change the job name to add a prefix 'Copy of ' in the job title.

Good to Know

- The user creating the job will be the owner of the job.

- Any user can clone the job of another user.

- Execution of the new job is restricted by the tag scope of the owner.

Cloning a Job

1) Go to the Jobs tab, and select a job.

2) From the Actions menu, select the Clone option. The configurations specified in the selected job are copied to the new cloned job and we will directly take you to the Confirmation step.

Note that in case the schedule of the cloned job is run once, then we check the date and time of the job. If the date and time of job is set to an older date and time then we will take you to the Schedule screen where you can change the start date and time. An error message is shown if you try to proceed without specifying a valid date and time for the job.

Clone Job option in the Actions menu.

3) Review the configurations of the job. As per your need, you can edit the job to change the title of the job, add or remove assets and patches, change the job schedule and other configurations.

Confirmation screen showing job configurations.

4) Click Save to create the Job. The new Job will be created in the Disabled state to avoid any conflicting/accidental runs of the same job.

5) Enable the job to run it.


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