Configuring a Windows Script Result Check

The Windows script-based user-defined controls (UDCs) in Qualys PC lets you evaluate the script-based UDCs’ data on Windows platform, thereby, enabling you to leverage the power of Policy Compliance-Script Manager integration. Configure a Windows Script Result Check to execute custom scripts on Script Manager (SM) and create corresponding policy reports.

To evaluate the script-based UDCs’ data on Windows platform, create the relevant user-defined controls in Qualys PC.

Requirements and Supported Versions


Before you create a Windows script-based UDC, ensure that:

- Script Manager is enabled for your subscription and you have at least one script created in Script Manager (SM). We recommend you have at least few scripts created in SM.

- PC-enabled agent is included in your subscription.

- PC dashboard (new) and the Enable Script Execution UDC options are enabled for your subscription.

Supported Script Types

PowerShell, Python (Pre-requisites for Python)

Supported Agent Versions

Cloud Agent or later

Create Windows Script-Based UDC

You can create a Windows script-based check with the following steps:

1. Select Script

Click Select Script to choose the script based on which the UDC should be implemented.

Option to choose the scipts that are created in Script Manager

Only scripts that are approved from Script Manager app for Windows are listed.

Select the required script from the Select Script pop-up window and click Apply. You can also filter scripts using the search tokens available in the search bar.

Choose the scipt you wan to associate in the control check

After you select the script, click Next to proceed further.

2. Control Information

Provide the following information needed to create the UDC:

Note: You can click Add Control to include multiple controls in a single check.

After you provide the control information, click Next to proceed further.

3. Review and Confirm

Review all the control information you provided for the check to be created and click Submit to create the Windows script-based UDC.

After you submit the required information, the control is created and listed in Controls tab. To create a report on policies with user-defined controls, associate the control with a policy. You can restrict the scan to a policy in the scan settings (option profile) and then view the scan report.

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