Know Your Compliance Posture

The Posture tab helps you with quick posture-specific data for the assets in your network. Leverage the power of Qualys Query Language and quickly search compliance posture information, which is grouped by assets and controls.    

You can also save the queries that are frequently used, or choose to create widgets directly. The new faceted search enables you to easily build queries and select fields from data lists. You can choose the Controls or the Assets data source to get different views of the compliance posture.

You can use several ways to filter out your posture records. For example, you can view the records in the context of control instances or of assets. You can also group records by controls, control categories, criticality levels, technology categories and subcategories. You can use the various metadata filters, Group-by options and custom query capabilities to find what your interested in.

Assets view of the Posture tab

Controls view of the Posture tab

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