Policy Compliance Overview

The Policy Compliance module with the enhanced user interface is a value addition to your existing Policy Compliance subscription. Currently, no additional configuration is required from your side. Your PC assets/data will be migrated to the enhanced Policy Compliance UI automatically. If your subscription has both PC and SCA, your PC assets/data will be migrated but your SCA assets/data will not be migrated. SCA customers should continue to use their existing dashboard.

With customizable dashboards and widgets, you can visualize the security compliance posture of your IT infrastructure. Such graphical presentation of compliance data helps you understand of your compliance requirements better and take informed decisions quicker. It's also a smarter and a more convenient way of sharing information with the intended target audience.

Policy Compliance Dashboard

View your Policy Compliance Posture

Once your data is synced, all the compliance posture records of your assets that you evaluate against the controls in Policy Compliance are displayed in the new Posture tab. This data is synced in the back end and no additional configurations are required.

View controls and assets details

Customizable Dynamic Dashboards

Qualys Unified Dashboard (UD) is integrated with Policy Compliance. UD brings information from all Qualys applications into a single place for visualization. UD provides a powerful new dashboarding framework along with platform service that will be consumed and used by all other products to enhance the existing dashboard capabilities.

The Unified Dashboard framework that enables you to use dashboard widgets from other Qualys modules such as VMDR, FIM, and ITAM, among others in a single dashboard.

You can use the default Policy Compliance dashboard provided by Qualys or easily configure widgets to pull information from other modules/applications and add them to your dashboard. You can also add as many dashboards as you like to customize your Policy Compliance view.

Quickly get custom views