Configuring the AV Profile

As the virus definitions are downloaded on the endpoint, the default antivirus configurations are also downloaded on this endpoint asset.

To view or edit Default AV profile

1. To edit the default profile, select Edit from the Quick Actions menu and follow the onscreen wizard to configure your profile.

Edit AV Profile

2. Navigate to the EDR module > Configuration tab and from the Quick Actions menu, select View to know the default settings of the current profile.

AV Default Profile

3. Review all the changes in the Review and Confirm tab and click Update AV Profile. The changes are saved and are pushed to the Malware Protection. You can check the messages in the Malware Protection to view the update status.

4. Go to the Assets tab to view the AV status. It will show Functioning when all updates are downloaded successfully. This may take a few minutes to complete.

AV Status Functioning