Viewing Assets

The Assets tab shows assets for which FIM monitoring is activated in Cloud Agent. You can search for assets and download the results.

You can find assets based on criteria such as operating system and tags. Want to assign a monitoring profile to the asset? The Actions menu at the top has an option to assign monitoring profiles to assets.

You can view the status of the installed agent and the monitoring profiles assigned to each asset. Assets show Enable status when the agent is activated for FIM and Disable when the agent is disabled in Cloud Agent.

Assets listed in the Asset tab.

For assets with agent status enabled, the Status column shows status icon when any of the following events occurred for the asset:

- No FIM monitoring profile is assigned to the asset.

- Agent uninstallation is complete for the asset.

- Manifest generation is in progress for the asset.

- The agent is not found for the asset.

- FIM manifest is decommissioned on the agent.

- Received an agent uninstallation request for the asset.

- FIM manifest is published on the agent.

- Error in generating FIM manifest for the asset.

- Received request for activating/deactivating FIM for the asset.

- Matching FIM profile is found for the asset, and the FIM profile is waiting for manifest generation.

Move your mouse over the icon to view the status of FIM enabled assets. Monitoring Profile column shows a “more” link. Click the link to view the names of all the monitoring profiles assigned to the asset and their status as active/inactive.

an asset showing agent status and monitoring profiles associated with it.

Select an asset and click View Details from Quick Actions menu to see complete information about the asset impacted by FIM.

Assets details can also be seen from the Events tab by clicking Asset Details in the Quick Actions for an event. This brings up details of the asset impacted by that FIM event.

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Summary of impacted assets in Asset Summary.