Compliance reports offer detailed accounts of an organization’s progress on particular compliance initiatives; and if taken collectively, can provide a broad summary of your organization’s compliance efforts.

Creating reports on the events that occur as a result of any kind of action in your file system is important as the reports enable you to visualize the collected data. You can better analyze trends in events detected, generate graphical reports, and create executive reports that provide an in-depth insight into your network's file integrity.

FIM enables you to create on-demand reports or schedule your report generation at a future date and time. Specify your reporting criteria by leveraging QQL tokens and have access to the most accurate and up-to-date event and incident data in PDF, CSV, or HTML formats.

You can search for reports by the report title in the Reports sub-tab. You can also email reports to specified users by using the Notification option that's available while creating a report.

Note: The FIM reports are retained on the Qualys platform for seven days. It is recommended that you download your reports within seven days of generation for future reference and analysis.

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