Other Features

Resizing and layout

Resize any widget horizontally, drag & drop widgets to change the layout.

1) Click the Tools icon on your dashboard.

Tools menu on Dashboard.


2) Select Edit Dashboard Layout.

Edit Dashboard Layout option under Tools menu.

3) Adjust the width for any widget or drag the widget to a new location.

4) Click OK to save your changes.

Refresh your view

You might want to see the latest data for a particular widget. Hover over the widget, click and from the widget menu choose Refresh.

Refresh menu option under Widget menu.

To refresh all widgets in one go, choose the Refresh Dashboard option from the Tools menu and all the widgets on the dashboard will be refreshed.

Refresh Dashboard option under Tools menu.

Creating templates

From the Tools menu you can choose to create a new dashboard form scratch or create a template for your subscription from the current dashboard.

Create Dashboard and Create Template for the dashboard options under Tools menu.

Import / Export options

You can now import and export dashboards with corresponding widgets, and import widgets.

Export and Import Dashboards options under Tools menu.