Create New Dashboard

User can create a new dashboard according to their requirements using the existing templates or from scratch.


1. Click Settings icon > Create New Dashboard.

create new

2. Provide details in the mandatory fields, Name and Dashboard Description.

new db

3. Optional:

Select Show description on dashboard, if you want the description you added to appear on the dashboard.

Select Set as default dashboard for this module, if you want to make this dashboard to appear as default.

4. User gets two options:

Build from Scratch: where the user define their own template

Use a Template: where the user selects from an existing set of templates and the widgets in the templates are also added accordingly.

template selection


5. Click Create Dashboard.

The newly created dashboard will appear in the list of all dashboards on the Home screen.

created db

User can perform other actions, such as:

Edit dashboard:

Select the required dashboard > go to Settings > Edit Dashboard and then edit the required fields.

edit db

Delete dashboard:

Select the required dashboard > go to Settings > Delete Dashboard and the selected dashboard will be deleted.

delete db