Step by step search tutorial

Find all about your containers and get up to date information quickly using Qualys Advanced Search.

You'll notice a Search field above the containers list for example. This is where you'll enter your search query.

Search field to enter your search query.

Start typing and we'll show you the asset properties you can search like containerId, host.ipAddress, etc. Select the one you're interested in.


Tip for Threat Protection users - Type threat and we'll show Real-Time Threat Indicators (RTI).

Start typing the token name to get  corresponding tokens list.

Look to the right to see syntax help and example.

syntax help is displayed for the selected token.

Now enter the value you want to match, and click Search. That's it! Your matches will appear in your assets list.

search results for your query.

Use your queries to create dashboard widgets on the Dashboards tab.

Enter search queries in widgets to get corresponding data.