How to Cancel Scan Jobs

Cancel one or more ongoing scans by editing the registry and selecting Cancel from the Quick Actions or Actions menu.

Scan jobs with a status of Finished, Unknown and Error cannot be canceled and will be ignored automatically.

How to cancel scan jobs

1) Go to Assets > Registries and select Edit for any registry in your list.

2) Go to Scan Jobs for the selected registry.

3) Select a single scan job and choose Cancel from the Quick Actions menu, or choose multiple scan jobs and choose Cancel from the Actions menu above the list.

We recommend you use the Search field at the top of the page to quickly find the scan jobs you want to cancel, for example find all scans with a Running status. Then pick one, multiple or all scan jobs for the action.

Cancel Scan Jobs

4) Review the Confirmation that appears, and click Yes to proceed with the action. For each canceled scan job, the status will change to Canceled.