Installing Sensors

Go to Configurations > Sensors, and then click Download Sensor to download the sensor tar file. You can see various sensor types.

sensor types

General (Host) Sensor: Scan any host other than registry / build (CI/CD).

Registry Sensor: Scan images in a registry (public / private).

For Registry you need to append the install command with --registry-sensor or -r

Build (CI/CD) Sensor: Scan images on CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins / Bamboo).

For CI/CD you need to append the install command with --cicd-deployed-sensor or -c

sensor installation commands

Download the QualysContainerSensor.tar.xz file and run the commands generated directly from the screen on the docker host. Note the requirements for installing the sensor, the sensor needs a minimum of 1 GB persistent storage on the host.

For information on the “installsensor.sh” script command line parameters, refer to the "Deploying Container Sensor" section in the Qualys Container Security Sensor Deployment Guide.

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