Sensor updates

When an update is available you’ll see “Update Available” next to the sensor name.

Sensors list showing update available for sensors.

Container sensor update is otherwise automatic, however if you are currently using the beta version of the sensor you need to update to the latest sensor version manually. Automatic update kicks off once you are on a version higher than the beta.

To manually update the sensor from beta to the latest version, download the QualysContainerSensor.tar.xz file from Qualys Cloud Portal and then run the following commands directly from the screen on the docker host.

Untar the sensor package:

sudo tar -xvf QualysContainerSensor.tar.xz

Launch the new sensor:

sudo ./installsensor.sh ActivationId=5e7e422a-a1ca-403f-9274-506622dc5b28 CustomerId=a8cf7043-0245-6f1d-82f8-97f784652b93 Storage=/usr/local/qualys/sensor/data -s

Enter Y at the prompt asking you to upgrade 'Qualys-Container-Sensor' from version x.x.x to x.x.x.

The install script asks for proxy configuration. If you want to configure proxy, see Proxy Support.

Note: Once you have upgraded from the beta version to a higher version, future updates of Sensor are automatic.