Manage Connector Access for Users

You can create users and then assign a role to it to grant access as per the role you define.  We support multiple user roles.

- Manager User: The most privileged users are Managers as they have full privileges and access to all resources in the subscription. Only Manager users can create users and assign roles.

- Users: There are two types of users that a Manager user can create. Depending on the permissions you assign to the role, you could categorize the users with all privileges or read only privileges.

All privilege : User will have all the privileges in CloudView except creating and managing other users.

Reader privileges: User with Reader role can only view the data displayed in CloudView module.

User Permissions

New Users: Scope and Permissions

Only Manager users have permissions to create new users and grant them permissions. Let us view the high level steps.

Create User

Assign Role to User

Manage Access Using Connector Group

Define Scope for Users

Defining Scope for Existing Users

Only Manager users have permissions to grant permissions to existing users and modify their permissions. Let us view the high level steps.

Access Using Connector Groups

Define Scope

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