User (Reader Privileges)

You can create a new user role “Reader” (read-only-access permissions) and assign it to users. The user with Reader role can only view the data displayed in CloudView module.

Permissions: Only users with access to Administration module can create users with reader role.

What can the Reader User do?

The user with reader role can

- View connectors

- Monitor controls, policies and resources

- Create and edit dashboards

The user with reader role cannot create connector or evaluate controls, policies.

Quick Steps

(1) Create a Reader User: Navigate to Administration module > User Management > Create User > Create Reader User. Show me

(2) Create a role in Administration utility and ensure that the role has UI access permission and all permissions listed enabled.

Permissions to be configured for reader role.

(3) Assign the role to the newly created user.

The new reader user is ready to use CloudView with monitoring capabilities!