Accessing REST APIs Using Swagger

Many CloudView features are available through REST APIs. You can use Swagger tool to access the REST APIs we support.

Swagger is a widely-adopted specification that allows for programmatically describing REST APIs. The Swagger UI provides all the details about the APIs and how to invoke them. This includes information like the HTTP verbs to use (GET, POST, PUT, etc.), the URL paths, allowable parameters and types, and so on.

Access the documentation and details of the APIs here:


For example, if your account is on US Platform 2


CloudView APIs in Swagger.

Qualys maintains multiple platforms. The Qualys URL that you should use for API requests depends on the platform where your account is located. Click here for Qualys Platform URLs.

Do I need to Authenticate?

Authentication to the Qualys Cloud Platform is necessary before you try out the APIs. Simply, click Authorize and provide the user name and password. You can now use the APIs!

To know more about API examples download CloudView API User Guide PDF.

View the complete list of APIs