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Qualys CloudView provides visibility and continuous security across all of your cloud environments. We'll help you get started quickly!

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Just set up your connector and that's it! We'll start discovering resources that are present in your cloud account.

Configure a connector: AWS | Azure | GCP

Concepts and Terminologies

Connector Specific Access for Users

You can create users and then assign a role to it to grant access as per the role you define. Depending on the permissions you assign to the role, you could categorize the users with all privileges or read only privileges. You could define the scope for users and configure the access to specific connector or group of connectors. Learn more

Resource Inventory

 List of Supported Resources: AWS | Azure | GCP

Resource Misconfigurations | Vulnerability Details

Policies and Controls

CloudView continuously discovers resources and ensures resources are compliant in relation to respective Benchmark & Best Practices policy provided out-of box.

Compliance Policies | Customize Controls | Create Policies | Control Evaluations | Exceptions


You can generate reports to view the compliance posture of your cloud resources. Run reports to learn whether your resources are compliant with mandates and compliance policies. Just configure your report settings and the reports can be generated.

Assessment Reports | Mandate Reports | Policy Reports

Configuring Alerts

Create rules to get alerts to monitor changes or significant findings on control evaluations for your attention and intervention.

Configure Rule-based Alerts

Enabling Remediation

Enable remediation for your connectors and fix the resource misconfigurations by triggering remediation of cloud resources.

Remediating Cloud Misconfigurations

Customizable Dynamic Dashboards

Dashboards help you visualize your cloud resources, evaluation of your cloud resources, see your threat exposure, leverage saved searches, and fix resource misconfigurations quickly.

We have integrated Unified Dashboard (UD) with CloudView. UD brings information from all Qualys applications into a single place for visualization. UD provides a powerful new dashboarding framework along with platform service that will be consumed and used by all other products to enhance the existing dashboard capabilities.

You can use the default CloudView dashboard provided by Qualys or easily configure widgets to pull information from other modules/applications and add them to your dashboard. You can also add as many dashboards as you like to customize your CloudView view.

Quickly get custom views

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